St. Nicholas Orthodox Church 5 Park Ridge Drive, Asheville-Fletcher, NC 28732 + 828.681.8080
Serving the Asheville Metro Area of the Appalachian Mountains A parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russian Ruling Hierarch: Metropolitan Hilarion. Rector: Fr. Steven Webb
Listen to an amazing NPR story from Russia about the arrival of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker:  Wednesday, Aug 16th, 6:30PM Vespers Friday, Aug 18th, 6:30PM Vigil for Transfiguration of Christ Saturday, Aug 19th, 9:40AM Liturgy for Transfiguration of Christ
Service Schedule
 Saturday, Aug 19th, 6:30PM Vigil with Confessions Sunday, Aug 20th, Divine Liturgy - 9:40AM Ortho 101 class - 1:00PM Wednesday, August 23rd, 6:30PM Daily Vespers View Full Calendar